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It is our pleasure to offer you a range of high quality products sourced and manufactured in New Zealand, including sheepskin clothing and footwear, possum eco fur products, New Zealand souvenirs, jewelry, arts and crafts new zealand gifts, nz clothing, art & crafts, maori art and NZ souvenirs.

Many of our products are unique to New Zealand.

We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience within our store. Please contact us if you have any suggestions and comments about either our site or any of our New Zealand souvenirs and products.

Any enquiries please phone 027 4387325 or email brent@giftsofnz.com

Greenstone Jade Carvings including Mere, Jade Pendant Hooks, Jade Pendants Drop, Tiki, Hei Matau, Koru, Twist etc

Possum Merino Wool & Possum Skin Products including Cardigans, Sweaters, Tunics, Jackets, Coats, Waistcoats, Hats, Beret, Beanie, Scarves, Gloves, Socks, Vests, Tops, Miscellaneous, Cushion Covers, Possum Fur Pelts, Shoe Liners, Scuffs, Throw Rugs, Possum Fur Bedspreads, Pillow Case, Possum Wool Knitting Yarn, Snowy Peak, Merinomink.

Sheepskin Products including Hats, Cushion Covers, Carseat Covers, Lambswool Baby Rug, Sheepskin Boots, Slippers, Scuffs, Bed Underlays, Sheepskin Rugs, Medical Accessories, Pure Wool Bedding Collection.

Paua Jewellery including Necklaces, Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Brooches, Bracelets

Bone Carvings including Manaia, Hei Matau, Triple Twist, Whales Tail, Earrings, Heru - Bone Hair Comb, Bone Koru Pendant etc

Ceramics by Morris and James, Paddy Bourke, Jengis, Diana Poor & Vicki Comrie-Moore

Glass Art by Adriana & Chris Hendel, Peter Viesnik, Keith Mahy, Christine Astrid

Wood Art by Wayne Ross, Dave & Chris Beddek, John Ecuyer, Cess Romeyn

Arts Sculpture by Nick Cabot, Paddy Bourke, Wayne Ross

Paintings and Prints by Ann Gray, Andrew Trevelyan, Hugh Brading, Mark Cross, Jos Coufreur, Paula Novak, Susan Haywood-Smith, Reuben Price

Designer Jewellery by Andrew White, Chris and Adrianna Hendel, Sarah Johns, Colin Bennett, Maggie De Grauw, Rick and Jenny Bromhead, Ann Ambler, Astrid Christine, Wilfrid Dickerson, John Harries, Sophie Wesley, Alastair Hudson

Greenstone Mere / Ornamental Maori Weapons are a very popular business souvenir gift for that distinct NZ memory.
Because Jade is so hard, it was used to make tools and weapons in the olden days. Today, the finest quality stone is used to fashion jewellery and ornaments. The colour varies greatly and is a matter of preference.
This jade mere (said ""merry"") is ornamental of a larger version used as both ceremonial as well as fighting club by Maori warriors. They were very skilful fighters with the club and, when they used it, would lunge the mere forward in a stabbing motion, directing the rounded, sharp, edge towards the forehead in an attempt to break the skull and destroy the brain. Manufactured from finest quality NZ Nephrite (jade). New Zealand Nephrite (Jade) is a stone for which New Zealand has become famous. Also known as Greenstone, or more locally known as Pounamu, it is accorded supernatural qualities and is greatly valued.

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