There are 5 florists in the mall who send flowers online NZ wide, they are based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch , we send flower bouquets and arrangements, gift baskets & gifts for delivery all around NZ and we can arrange same day flower delivery to most places in New Zealand.

There are a number of benefits from ordering direct from New Zealand based florists.
By ordering direct from New Zealand Florists you can often get better prices because you are dealing direct with the florist as opposed to going through a relay service which tends to charge higher prices because they have to cover their overheads and then the relay service has to liaise with the local florist to arrange delivery anyway so by going direct to the New Zealand based florist and ordering direct from their website you are removing the not insubstantial cost of using a relay service, this is particularly relevant for people outside of New Zealand who are more likely to use the various overseas flower relay services.

Another benefit of ordering direct is the personal touch you will get from dealing direct with the florist who will be putting your bouquet or arrangement together and you have greater flexibility by liaising direct when it comes to requesting flower styles and colours.

Since 1999 giftsofnz.com has been providing outstanding service for Kiwis wanting to buy flowers, gifts & gift baskets quickly and easily online. Any enquiries please phone 027 4387325 or email brent@giftsofnz.com

Tips for Longer Flower Fun:

Fill a clean vase with clean water. 
Add the correct amount of Cut Flower Food. 
Cut the stems at an angle - never crush or break them. 
Remove all leaves that come in contact with the water. 
Do not add anything but Cut Flower Food to the water. 
Always top up the water, never renew it. 
Do not placeflowers in direct sunlight or draughts. 
Have lots of Fun with yourFlowers! 

FlowersIn General 

Points to remember when harvestingflowers from the garden: Cutflowers in the morning or early evening when the plant's moisture and nutrient content are highest. Choosingflowers that are almost mature will ensure a longer cut life. Varieties with bloom clusters are best cut when about half the buds have opened. Immerse the stems immediately in a deep container of very warm water. Flowersthat grow from bulbs are an exception; they prefer cool water. Stems offlowers such as poppies that exude a milky sap should be dipped in boiling water before immersing in water. Cut stems diagonally to prevent them from resting flat on the bottom of the container. 

After harvesting, theflowers should be taken to a cool, dim room to complete what professionals refer to as 'conditioning'. This allows the stems and petals time to recover and to take up as much water as possible before being placed in an arrangement. 
You should: 
Always handle the material as little as possible. Prepare sufficient pails of water to hold theflowers loosely. Hot water should be used forflowers with hard stems such as roses. Add floral preservative as directed on the package. Remove any foliage that will be under water in the arrangement. Recut the stems under water about 3 cm above the original cut. In addition: slit hard stems a further 3 cm. Fill hollow stems with water and plug with cotton. Burn the end of stems that exude milky sap in a flame until blackened. Dip the end of woody stems in boiling water. Leave the pails offlowers to rest for a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 1 day. 

Flowersfrom a florist should already be conditioned. However, if time permits, recondition by recutting under water. 

Foliage material is improved by immersing completely in water for 3 hours before being placed upright to condition. 

During the conditioning period, check for drooping flower heads and foliage, an indication that the stems are not taking up moisture. Remove them from the pail, hold the end of the stem in boiling water for 10 seconds, then return to the pail to continue conditioning. 

Afterflowers have been conditioned, simply cut again one cm from the end of the stem before placing them in your arrangement. 

We look forward to be able to help you to send flowers online NZ wide to your friends and family.
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