There are a wide range of New Zealand Skin Care products available from 3 stores in the mall. Abeeco have a range of bee venom skincare products and also a new collagen + keratin product that is proving very popular. From NZ have a wide range of skincare items with products containing lanolin, also manuka honey products and much more including skinrepair cream with royal jelly. Strawberry Net carry a wide range of beauty products, perfumes and fragrances from major brands worldwide.

Kate Middleton, Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others are reported to be using a Bee Venom Face Mask made from New Zealand Bee Venom.

Bee Venom masks have been touted as being a natural alternative to botox, and have been credited last year with making the Duchess of Cornwall, 63 year old Camilla Parker Bowles, look years younger.

Plumps, lifts & firms the look of skin

The combination of natural ingredients (including the very best NZ Bee Venom & Manuka Honey) work in synergy to keep you looking your youthful best.

Until recently Bee Venom masks have only been available in the UK using Bee Venom imported from New Zealand. With nearly 20 years in the 'Bee' industry Abeeco is proud to be able to offer this quality product in New Zealand using our rare and pure local Bee Venom.

How does it work?
The Bee venom contained in this product is used to fool the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. This in turn stimulates the production of the naturally occurring chemicals collagen and elastin, thereby creating a tightening and smoothing effect. The effects are cumulative, that is, the longer you use it the more obvious the effects will be. A tautening effect can generally be felt soon after application.

Other ingredients include New Zealands famous Manuka Honey and Shea Butter to sooth, soften and calm the skin.

Manuka Honey Skincare Gift Box

A gorgeous gift option containing three of our most popular Manuka Honey products:
Manuka Honey Special Care Hand & Nail Crème
This intensive hand and nail crème contains the beneficial properties of Active Manuka AAH (Antibacterial, Antioxidant Honey) 650+ blended with Prosina, a hydrolysed Keratin derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. This proven combination improves the structure and strengthens the nail. It also improves hydration and elasticity of the cuticles and skin creating a visible improvement to your hands appearance.
Size: 85ml/2.87oz

Manuka Honey Sweet Indulgence Body Butter
A luxurious body crème containing a blend of pure active Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil to leave your body smooth and deliciously fragranced.
Size: 100ml/3.38oz

Manuka Honey Pure & Gentle Soap
Containing pure Active Manuka AAH (Antibacterial, Antioxidant Honey) 650+ renowned for its beneficial properties, this gentle cleansing soap leaves the skin smooth, refreshed and sweetly fragranced.
Size: 100g/3.52oz

The above items are just a small sample of the New Zealand Skin Care products available from the mall.

Any enquiries please phone 027 4387325 or email brent@giftsofnz.com

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