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Xmas in NZ

In NZ Xmas is combined with summer holidays, so as well as present-buying and parties, families are preparing for trips to the beach. Shops are decorated with Father Xmas in his red cloak and white beard, as well as snow scenes.

The NZ traditions of Xmas have mostly come through the English settlers who began arriving their in the late 18th Century. In the last 20 or 30 years the persona of Father Xmas had changed and he is referred to as Santa Claus and has become much more like the Santa of the United States and Ireland.

The NZ Xmas tree is called Pohutukawa and its flowers are a dark red colour during the Xmas period. Xmas occurs in summer, NZers do not have snow and ice. That, however, doesn't stop Santa who still visits the cities and towns while dressed in his red and white suit.

Towns and suburban areas have Santa parades where community groups display brightly decorated floats. It is not always hot enough in the early summer to have Christmas dinner on the beach.. Many people in NZ follow the old English traditions and have turkey and plum pudding, but these are often served with cold salads. Sometimes the traditional dinner is cooked on the barbecue outside and may include a whole variety of typical Kiwi treats, such as lamb chops, along with the usual Xmas fare.

No one would think Christmas complete without a Pavlova. Although Australia claims Pavlova for its own, it was created by a "Kiwi" who worked as a chef in Australia. Therefore, this fabulous creation is also claimed by NZ.

Because so many people from the Northern hemisphere now live in NZ, it has become the tradition to have two Christmases, one on the 25th of December and the other in July, which is mid-winter. Many hotels, restaurants and homes put on the full Christmas celebration, complete with tree, giftsand of course all the foods which were just too heavy to serve in the heat of summer. Lot of business give gift boxes and gift baskets to there staff, also a lot of their cutomerer are send gift boxes and gift baskets. In many small towns and villages, Santa visits all the children on Christmas morning riding on a fire engine and he gives themgifts. They hear him coming because the siren warns them to come out of their homes and stand by the road so he can toss candy and smallgifts to them.

Many people in NZ will create a traditional Maori hangi. This is essentially a big hole in the ground which is heated with hot rocks placed in it. It's filled up with baskets of food, covered and then allowed to cook underground. By the time the food comes out, everyone is anxiously waiting for the tender pork, chicken, kumara, pumpkin, potatoes and stuffing. It's been said that there is nothing to compare with the total bliss of the taste of food from a hangi, delicately smoked and melt-in-the-mouth soft. Usually the hangi is served in the late afternoon or early evening.

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