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National Flowers & Flora by Country ( USA and Australian Flowers by State) from Auckland Flowers

Our list of Flowers and Flora by Country

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Country Flower
Argentina Ceibo
Australia Golden Wattle
Austria Gentian (German: Enzian)
Bangladesh jackfruit, white water lily, Banyan tree
Bhutan Blue poppy
Bolivia Kantatu
Bulgaria rose
Brazil Tabebuia alba flower (Tecoma alba)
Brunei Simpor
Cambodia Romduol (Mitrella mesnyi or Melodorum fruticosum) (flower), "chicken-egg banana" (fruit)
Canada Maple Leaf
China Primary: peony (specifically Rock's Peony or tree peony) Supplementaries: chrysanthemum (autumn), mei blossom (winter), orchid (spring), water lily (summer)
Chile Copihue
Colombia orchid
Denmark red clover
Egypt Egyptian lotus
England Tudor rose
Estonia blue cornflower
Finland lily of the valley, white rose
France lily (Ancien Régime)
Germany Cornflower, Oak
Greece Violet, laurel branch
Holland/Netherlands Tulip
Hong Kong Bauhinia blakeana
Iceland White Dryas
India the lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, Banyan tree
Indonesia melati (Jasminum sambac), moth orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis)
Iran tulip (depicted on the Flag of Iran)
Iraq rose
Ireland Shamrock
Italy Poppy or White Lily
Jamaica lignum vitae
Japan cherry blossom, chrysanthemum
Jordan black iris
Kuwait Rhanterium epapposum
Macau Lotus
Republic of Macedonia Poppy
Malaysia Chinese Hibiscus
Maldives Rose
Mexico dahlia , Vopal Cactus or Prickly Pear
Nepal Rhododendron
Newfoundland Pitcher Plant
New Zealand Kowhai ( Sophora Microphylla ) silver fern (foliage), koru
North Korea Kimjongilia
Norway Heather
Pakistan Jasmine/Rhododendron (National flowers), Mango (National fruit) and Deodar (National tree)
Panama Holy Ghost Orchid/Flor del Espiritu Santo (Peristeria elata)
Persia Rose
Philippines Sampaguita
Poland Weeping Willow
Portugal Lavender, Olive leaves, Cork Oak
Romania Rose
Russia camomile
Saint Kitts and Nevis Red Royal Poinciana
Scotland Thistle, Scottish Bluebell (Harebell), Heather
Serbia plum
Singapore Orchid : Vanda Miss Joaquim
Slovenia carnation
South Africa king protea
South Korea Hibiscus
Soviet Union carnation
Sri Lanka Nil Manel (Nympheae Stelleta)
Spain Pomegranate ( carnation as advised by a website visitor )
Switzerland Edelweiss
Taiwan mei blossom
Thailand Rachapruek (Cassia fistula)
Turkey Tulip ( as advised by a website visitor )
Thailand Ratchapruek or Cassiafistula Linn( as advised by a website visitor )
United States American Rose
Venezuela "Flor de Mayo" (Cattleya mossiae) (orchid)
Vietnam Lotus
Wales Leek and Daffodil
Zimbabwe Flame Lily

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American Flowers By State

USA Florists - Click Here
Each of the United States has designated one flower as it's floral emblem.
The flower is usually chosen because of it's prevalence in the state or the role it has played in the state's history
Alabama -Camilla Montana - Bitterroot
Alaska - Forget Me Not Nebraska - Goldenrod
Arizona - Saguaro Cactus Nevada - Sagebrush
Arkansas - Apple Blossom New Hampshire - Purple Lilac
California -Golden Poppy New Jersey - Purple Violet
Colorado - Columbine New Mexico - Yucca
Connecticut - Mountain Laurel New York - Rose
Delaware - Peach Blossom North Carolina - Dogwood
Florida - Orange Blossom North Dakota - Wild Prairie Rose
Georgia - Cherokee Rose Ohio - Scarlet Carnation
Hawaii - Yellow Hibiscus or Pua Aloalo Oklahoma - Mistletoe
Idaho - Syringa Oregon - Oregon Grape
Illinois - Native Violet Pennsylvania - Mountain Laurel ( as advised by a website visitor )
Indiana - Peony Rhode Island - Violet
Iowa - Wild Rose South Carolina - Yellow Jessamine
Kansas - Sunflower South Dakota - Pasque Flower
Kentucky - Goldenrod Tennessee - Iris
Louisiana - Magnolia Texas - Blue Bonnet
Maine - White Pine Cone Utah - Sego Lily
Maryland - Black Eyed Susan Vermont - Red Clover
Massachusetts - May flower Virginia - Dogwood
Michigan - Apple Blossom Washington - Rhododendron
Minnesota - Lady Slipper West Virginia - Big Rhododendron
Mississippi - Magnolia Wisconsin - Wood Violet
Missouri - Hawthorn Wyoming - Indian Paintbrush

Australian Flowers By State

Australian Florists - Click Here
Each of the Australian States has designated one flower as it's floral emblem.
The flower is usually chosen because of it's prevalence in the state or the role it has played in the state's history
Australia -Golden Wattle Australian Capital Territory - Royal Bluebell
New South Wales - New South Wales Waratah Northern Territory - Sturt's Desert Rose
Queensland - Cooktown Orchid South Australia - Sturt's Desert Pea
Tasmania - Tasmanian Blue Gum Victoria - Pink (Common) Heath
Western Australia -Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

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