Beauty & Fragrance Tips from Accent on Beauty

9 Beauty & Fragrance Tips
1. Use lipliner all over lip area before applying lipstick to ensure it lasts longer.
2. Softly apply eyeshadow to brows (in a similar tone) for a softer effect.
3. Use a brush to apply eyeshadow for a soft effect or a sponge tip applicator for a more intense effect.
4. To prevent powder eyeshadow creasing, apply a small amount of concealer then translucent powder to the eyelid before applying eyeshadows.
5. To prevent crème eyeshadow creasing apply a small amount of translucent powder with a brush after applying the crème eyeshadow.
6. To extend the life of your fragrance use the layering technique by applying matching body lotion and fragrance.Your fragrance will then last twice as long on the skin.
7. Always mist fragrance onto the skin (hold bottle 15cm away) and allow to dry - NEVER RUB as this bruises the delicate ingredients & can distort the fragrance.
8. Never display fragrances in direct sunlight - preferably store them in a cupboard or drawer.
9. Aftershave should always be splashed on the face & neck while Eau de toilette should always be misted onto the torso.

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