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Making your own Christmas Food Hampers
First you are going to find a container to put all of your products into. This could be a wicker basket which will vary in size all depending on how large or small you wish your end product to be, Also think about how many people are going to be benefiting from the hamper.
If the occasion is a public holiday like Christmas you're going to be looking for a bigger hamper to fit in needs for the whole family, bear in mind that the bigger the space in the hamper the more you're going to need to fill!

Now we need to decorate the hamper...

For a Christmas hamper you could use tinsel and wrap it around the inside of the hamper and then edge the hamper with it as well.
If you are putting together a picnic basket I would think about using some kind of chequered blanket to cover the inside.
Alternatively you might just be looking for something to cushion the bottom for something like wine so then you could be using a straw like filling, Go for either thick tissue paper or hamper straw which can be brought from wine stores.

Think about the colours that you want to be using, colours like green and red resemble Christmas so going for colours that represent the occasion will go down very well with the receiver.
If you are doing a wine hamper choose colours that compliment the wine so for white wine choose a light colour tissue paper, for pink choose a light pink and for reds choose the dark end of the red paper, possibly even black or go for a bright contrasting colour.

Next we are going to fill the hamper up to the brim with products...

You should have either brought some products from the store relating to your hamper or made your own.
For Christmas hampers put foods such as Christmas puddings, sherry (always check laws for sending alcohol if being delivered by post), mince pies, marmalades, brandy butter, containers or bags of homemade cookies, crackers, cheeses or spreads, chutneys or relishes, jams or jellies, a box of their favorite candies or a small box of sumptuous chocolates and you might like to include wine or cider.
To finish add a Christmas ornament or two and add some candy canes or decorations to round it out

When assembling this hamper in particular you may want to consider making some of the produce yourself, If it's made by the sender it will give more of an effect and it will make the receiver think about how much time, effort and thought you have put in.

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