New Zealand Gifts Mall has a huge variety of christmas gift baskets for you to choose from. Each of the stores above has their own range of christmas gift ideas and if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own then we look forward to being able to make your gift giving a one stop shop at our comprehensive gift shopping mall - please feel free to email or phone and we will help you out!

Any enquiries please phone 027 4387325 or email brent@giftsofnz.com

If you would rather make your own gift baskets than have us do it for you then please read below for some hints and ideas on how to put your own gifts together.

Ideas for Making Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets
The possibilities are endless when it comes to Christmas gift basket ideas! Below are a few ideas but use your imagination. A gift basket can be a super personalized gift designed exactly for a certain someone with their interests in mind that will be a welcome change from the 'standard' or traditional gift.

Some ideas for fillers for your christmas gift baskets are below:

*Containers or bags of homemade cookies
*Cheeses or spreads
*Chutneys or Relishes
*Jams or Jellies
*Who doesn't like getting a box of their favorite candies? A small box with sumptuous chocolates works well.
*Wine or Cider is always a good gift -- look for a bottle with a special holiday label or flavor. Wrap the wine or Cider in a pretty bag for a glamorous presentation that's sure to impress.
*Candles are always a festive gift, tidy up the presentation by tying a pretty ribbon around them, they look good in groups of 3.
*Gift soaps are lovely treasures that we hesitate to buy for ourselves. Purchase a box of several, and wrap them individually when you need a quick present. Pair them with a holiday hand towel for an extra thoughtful gift.
*Picture frames with a photo of you and the host or a thank-you note inside show that you put thought into your selection.
*Holiday music CDs are always appreciated, as are bath salts and oils in a soothing scent.
*Coasters make a lovely present. Select ones that match your recipient's decor or that have a holiday theme.
*Christmas ornament or two
*Add a few inexpensive gift certificate cards
*Add some candy canes or decorations to round it out

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