New Zealand Gifts Mall Your one baby gifts shopping site established in 1999 to make it easier for all New Zealanders locally and worldwide to arrange baby gifts, send flowers & gift baskets for delivery to clients, friends, family and staff throughout New Zealand.
There are 8 different baby gift ideas suppliers in the mall and below is a basic summary of what each supplier can provide.

Batenburgs are happy to combine & custom make to your budget.We will cheerfully put together a combo of Fresh Fruit, Flowers,Treats for baby & some treats for Mum to your specified budget- please feel free to email or phone and we will help you out! Same day delivery in Auckland.
Any enquiries please phone 027 4387325 or email brent@giftsofnz.com

Edible blooms supply luxurious chocolate treats and include some nice gift ideas for baby to make a nice gift for the parents and the child.

NZ Trees Please supply a living tree gift that lasts and lasts, their gifts can be planted and will be remembered as they grow along with young ones. Included with the tree are some items just for baby that can be viewed on their baby gifts product page.

Victoriana Florist can arrange delivery of flowers and baby gifts New Zealand wide same day and if you need really urgent delivery they are ideally placed to help.

Online Baby Shop for great baby products, accessories, cots, prams, buggies and much more. They have an extensive range of categories to choose from including Activity & Play, Bathing & Changing, Bedding, Clothing, Nappies, Nursery Furniture and much more.

New Zealand Gifts Mall is your one stop online shopping site for a huge range of baby gift ideas and each store has their own unique range of products to choose from and there is sure to be something to suit all tastes and budgets and celebrate that special occasion with the new parents.

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